24 May 2008

I shall stick with my god and ignore all the rest.

“The universe having a past before any of us being born is not evidence of anything but us as the creator because the past did not exist until there was an 'us' to know of it.” But …

It is known that we can know of a past before ourselves and we did not physically create that past as we create cars. What is insisted on is an “objective” physical reality without human existence. OH! Is that all? A universe first and THEN we came out of it somehow? There “must” have been a brain around to “know” of the universe back then is what is argued. But a brainless universe before human brains came? Either we are the brains or not. IF before us there were not any brains then simply there were not any brains. IF there was at least one brain then there was. A useless tautology. DUH! “IF” is not the beginning of a rational argument. “WHY is it being asked” or “WHAT is the problem such that the question is being asked” IS part of a rational argument. If the brain is there go get some of it. If it ain’t there there’s no use in looking for it. Is there a need for a brain for the existence of anything? If it is knowledge sought then the use of a brain might be useful, your own for example. If not then no brain is necessary and thus as I have stated irrelevant. If no brain is necessary then it is irrelevant to argue for one. If no brains came before ours and nevertheless we have ours from that brainlessness then it is obvious that it does not and did not require brains for the existence of the world. If the world exists then it has a “necessary being” otherwise it does not exist does it? But it does and so do we! Gasp and surprise. If there is no reason for some assumption there is not a reason to make it. If the universe is considered to have been made from the universe making factory it should be findable so let someone go find it.

If god is not part of the universe then we cannot know of god. If god is part of the universe then any thing we know of the universe IS knowing something of god or something we know of the universe IS of god or maybe sometime we shall overcome and come to know some part of god or all of god as we come to know more of the universe of which we are a part. If god is not part of the universe then there is no way to know of god no matter what we do.

The books and literature of humankind that are written about god are humankind made and I trust none of them and I shall let the writers go out and do some looking and some digging and some actual finding and get some god. God did not create the “god problem”. God did not create ANY of OUR problems. God cannot be blamed. Meanwhile I shall stick with my god and ignore all the rest.

22 May 2008


We are the universe looking at itself, we are the universe thinking of itself, we are the universe communicating and we are the universe thinking and talking and being made real and if the cosmos is required to show an intelligence it shall of necessity be ourselves and if it is required to show an immortality it shall of necessity be our children and if it shall be required to have a purpose it shall be of necessity our caring for each other and our love which is why we care in the first place and our happiness which is our peace and proof of success and if it is required to have a master it shall be all of these together forever for we are that which is the commensuration and final measure of anything, everything and of the ALL. We are the cosmogony for we define the cosmology. If any of this is found to be wanting we shall redo and recreate the thing all over again as we shall configure it.

21 May 2008

Oh! You wish you knew then what you know now?

You cannot go back. You wouldn’t if you could. OH! No! You simply wouldn’t be the one you are today if you became that young one way back then again. I do not mean a “no” in terms of time travel, as neither do you. Since you did not mean that you grew out of a garden of a paradise from back then nor did you mean that you came from a better world from back then, since you did not argue from either of them, then neither shall I. If the knowledge you have today were yours back then you would have been alone in the world with it. Was the world ready for you as you are now back then? If the world is not ready for you now would it have been ready for you back then? What ever you have learned the hard way or some other way was maybe not even known back then and that is why you never got it then. Those who taught you and exampled for you did not know to teach you or did not bother to teach you, either could not or refused to set examples for you to learn from. The knowledge in those senses I give means the knowledge wasn’t, effectively, even there. Now you know from your life time, such as it is, and life experiences, such as they have been, and from your ruminations, reflections, conclusions, and your desiderata, what you claim you now know.

The child with such knowledge as you have now and living amongst the rest of the world back then would be pitifully outcast. I do not mean with knowledge of computers and modern accoutrements, nor did you, but who would possess more social and human relationship knowledge, skills, and abilities than anyone around them. No one would understand such a one who would be called something akin to “child-being” and who would be an alien in the social arena.

To put it crudely and in the extreme, if you were now a younger but knowledgeable you set among anywhere anytime, you would not be alive long amongst the most advanced of any ancient time, even with also a collection of the most modern accoutrements. Either you would end it from being so incongruous or they would end you.

All of this I guess you already vaguely figure intuitively.

The “you” that is you sits and sees from atop the summit of an accumulated mound of the entirety of the memory, the entirety of the how you came to think and came to know anything. You are the result also of the struggles to come to have what you have. You are the result also of the struggles to come to know what you know. You are the result also of the struggles to come to be whatever it is you are. You are the end result of your struggles to survive. You are the end result of your disappointments, embarrassments, humiliations, and failures. You are the end result of your successes, earnings, learning, and works. You should not wish that changed. OH! No! You shouldn’t! Because such a change would entail and guarantee that you would, very simply, not be you. Such a change would entail and guarantee you would not know yourself, would not recognize yourself, and would not have any knowledge at all. No, you wouldn’t, no, not without all of, may we just say, all of “that”. All of “that” is what you really are. All of “that” is what made you “you”. Even if you are a monster or some disgusting freak, you are still even if undeservedly but nevertheless necessarily all of “that”.

To put it crudely and in the extreme, if you were now a younger but knowledgeable you set among an anywhere at anytime, either you would end it from being incongruous or they would end you. If you should impart what you now know to some one now as young as you want, that one would still have to come to understand what you know plus live and learn and come to know the world as it now is. They might be better for all you impart but would have to have a new list of problems and puzzles and complaints all new to you. And you would necessarily become incongruous to them. Such is so that you would become what is called the dinosaur or "old". That it seems is the result in even societies that supposedly never change.

And you wish you could live a thousand years!

10 May 2008

Free Choice

If you are rejected by the choice of your love life or your choice for the love of your life you have made a free will act and this is the essence of being human, not the choice of a love of your life but the ability to freely choose at all.

If the love choice does not reciprocate, and instead chooses elsewise then you have witnessed the essence of that lover: exercising the freedom to choose.

Being human does not mean being a genius and being human does not mean being rational. Being human entails or requires the ability to effect choices, to make choices, to make decisions, to do things that are not programmed in, to be perhaps and usually unaware of the origins of the desire for the choice but the choice freely made, right, wrong, self destructive, silly, contrary, or whatever.

If you want a mindless and choice free entity to use as a lust object then get a dog. Animals have no free will and do not make choices. We can not “allow” them to make choices nor expect them to as they have no self awareness so there is no “them” there to make a choice. We make them into pets and we train them to do as we want. If they do not like what we do to them it is the nervous system reacting not “them”. That is why some animals are not trainable for pets and are not amenable as a substitute for human affection and lust. At least some dogs are so trainable.

If the human object of your lust and, or, or love does not reciprocate and chooses elsewise you should let them be free to exercise that choice, even if you are sent from heaven as their personal love and, or, or lust object. You should get happy about their exercise of freedom to choose even if their choice is self destructive.

People must be free to fail else they learn nothing. People must be free to fail even self destructively or we shall have no lessons to learn from. If all was a rose garden and free of pain and suffering we would be unable to learn anything.

When someone goes out into the middle of a field during a storm and gets hit by lightning we should in addition to whatever else we do and say declare that they set a lesson for us to learn from and that they did us a service by giving an example of what we could then understand as a wrong action and then understand as a bad choice.

This is also why we must just sit back and allow a nation to choose even bad and self destructive actions. Otherwise our notion of freedom is not one of allowing and encouraging freedom but allowing only what WE want as if that other nation is our child. If a nation chooses to hurt us and, or, or our interests then we must defend ourselves and our interests and this is why war can be a necessary and even a very good thing. If the other nation chooses to walk into the storm unprotected, so to speak, at their own risk, then so be it. We are not the parents except of our own children and only as long as they are children. A free nation must suffer the fate of their failure and even their self destructive failure. We might argue with them over their “stupidity” as we might even rightly call it. We cannot say “Oh! But your people will suffer because of the leadership’s bad choices!” and intervene on behalf of those people FOR THEY ARE NOT OUR PEOPLE. We must let every nation learn the lessons of their failures even if we are the ones left doing the learning

07 May 2008

Censorship, Information Control, Shutting Us Up

Censorship, Information Control, Shutting Us Up ...
It is the old problem of censorship: as John Milton maintained, if you censor what you believe is corrupting, you must first see the corruption, and you are thus corrupted, and therefore cannot be trusted to censor anything! If you take away my mind you control me and I am already damaged as a free person before any damage to me can possibly happen! Either you are lying about protecting anyone or you are corrupt, say what you will about “knowing better” than anyone else. I remember that character who always says he wants to protect children and who somehow “knew” about a web site where a live rape was happening: now how did he find out about THAT without, gasp, looking, and without, gasp again, looking for it?!?! “Either they are lying or trying to steal your mind” … or both … etcetera ...

Global Warming Alert

I WANT the “Global Warming” so many are afraid of. I am waiting for the Ross Ice Shelf to slide into the ocean, Greenland to thaw out, all the useless snow to melt away, the ocean to rise up and flood out New York, Atlantic City, and other needs-to-re-new places places. The rocks, mountains, and general grounds at the South Pole would then be uncovered and the volcanic activity down there could happen unhindered by all the useless cold. Then tickets could be sold for holiday in … NEW HOT SPRINGS … ANTARCTICA. I want to be there for the health spas, casinos, and even, maybe, Iceberg Riding, Cold Water Athletics, Antarctica Mountain Skiing, fun time Penguin Hunting Parties and red hot Penguin Barbecue Feasts, YUM!!!!, and Hot Volcano Tours. YEOW!!!