07 May 2008

Global Warming Alert

I WANT the “Global Warming” so many are afraid of. I am waiting for the Ross Ice Shelf to slide into the ocean, Greenland to thaw out, all the useless snow to melt away, the ocean to rise up and flood out New York, Atlantic City, and other needs-to-re-new places places. The rocks, mountains, and general grounds at the South Pole would then be uncovered and the volcanic activity down there could happen unhindered by all the useless cold. Then tickets could be sold for holiday in … NEW HOT SPRINGS … ANTARCTICA. I want to be there for the health spas, casinos, and even, maybe, Iceberg Riding, Cold Water Athletics, Antarctica Mountain Skiing, fun time Penguin Hunting Parties and red hot Penguin Barbecue Feasts, YUM!!!!, and Hot Volcano Tours. YEOW!!!

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