25 June 2008

I thank the god I do not believe

I thank the god I do not believe in for all the efforts all have taken to even try, whatever their motives. My tears are real and honest and I am not ashamed. Some of that which I have seen is proof of the wonderfulness of the universe, however horrible it has been for me personally. Some are just so “perfect” I am thusly made certain that the world is good for humanity and not an enemy of human existence, however morbid my own situation. I am gladly assured that my final end is to leave behind my futilities and die happier knowing there are the wonders of the world’s greatness physically demonstrated by the very existence of human beauty. There is no intelligent design for beauteous perfection. The world is beauteously self-provident. It needs no more than its own beauty by itself to represent its selfless beauty all the time in the human form, however imperfect, forever, &c, amen.