11 July 2008

Beauty is utterly and completely real even if ephemeral

Beauty is utterly and completely real even if ephemeral

Human beings are not perfect. Not only are we imperfect we are odd and are made up of many odd things, physically, mentally, and, gulp, socially. We also die and / or get old. We get older and if we get old enough we get ugly and sick if we were not ugly and / or sick already. Proof Positive that intelligent design does not exist.

Intelligent Design believers want us to see mousetraps and the faces cut into Mount Rushmore as proof that there must be intelligent design. They say “if you saw this on Mars you would know it was intelligently designed, designed by intelligence” and then conclude that since everything else, especially living things, looks so complicated, even more so than a mousetrap and the faces cut into Mount Rushmore, there must be another intelligent designer for the more complicated everything.

I assert here that they are just acting infantile and are being stupid on purpose. They know better. Or they are so angry at the world they no longer think intelligently. They still know better.

Shuck them and shuck the intelligent design. Their entire idea is a waste of time and not worth the time to even reply to them. Since they know better they are being mendacious and shucking with our minds, they deserve nothing.