12 June 2008

“Intelligent Design” Basic “Theory”

“IT” is the result of intelligent design and no further explanation is required, say the intelligent design believers. Explained simply, Intelligent Design is the assertion that the problems encountered in understanding things in the universe can be explained by the intelligent design that intelligently designed the unexplained things. There is no need for any reason to explain anything further. As anything else is explained, such as by further experimentation and observation and study, intelligent design requires no study, no experiments, no getting the hands dirty with any of that! OH! NO!! The intelligent design solution can be applied to anything not explained. “IT”, whatever the “IT” may be, is “explained” as having intelligent design being the explanation. Therefore, if you do not know anything about some “it” you can assert that the unexplained “it” is “explained” by the intelligent design which “designed” “it” and that is all you really need to “know”. Therefore, for all and any thing that exists, then for every “it” that exists, “it” is explained as being intelligently designed by intelligent design. You need know nothing nor work for any explanation nor even bother searching for one.

The most extreme version of intelligent design is the assertion that the universe and everything in it, especially life but not excluding anything else, is too complicated to have anything but an intelligent design having designed it. It, whatever it may be, was intelligently designed. Intelligent design is considered the sufficient and necessary cause for the existence of anything and thereby everything. Intelligent design is considered the sufficient and necessary explanation for the existence of anything and thereby everything.

If there is the commission of murder of a hundred people by torture and rape and mutilation, each lasting for each of the deceased twenty days or so, you could always say that the reason “it” was done has too complicated an explanation and that “it” all must have been intelligently designed. Adolf Hitler and his henchmen did not kill four million or whatever number of Jews and Gypsies and whoever else. OH! NO! It was all intelligently designed, you see. “IT” did “IT”. Stalin, Mao, the Red Brigades, any serial killer can use this explanation. “I couldn’t have done such a thing! It’s too complicated for me to have done it. It did it!”

No god is even required! No god, no devil, no agent of destruction, no voices, no dog barking from a hole in the wall is necessary.