18 February 2009

The universe contains everything

If you are talking about the universe or the ALL you are no longer talking about particulars but the forest. It is also relevant that there is a sentient YOU talking, and thinking, about the universe. Thus, the universe also contains a mind, at least YOURS, that thinks of and talks about the universe. That is not a possible “what if”. Thus any “what if” “there were no you” sort of question is not only not interesting.

1) The universe contains everything so nothing is left over from any of that to be a quality of the universe.

2) The "laws" that govern anything cannot apply to the universe as all such "laws" are part of the universe, or are trees in the forest, and do not apply to the universe itself. Hence, there is no "end to" nor "beginning of" the universe as all spaces and times are parts of the universe and are not nor can be descriptive of the universe.

3) When YOU are talking about the universe it is also true that you [and your talking] is a part of the universe.

4) There can be no extrinsic geometry for there is no intrinsic geometry, universally speaking: there is no inside for there is no outside either and there is no time nor space left over for the universe itself.

5) The ultimate questions about the universe require not a bunch of phantasmal "what ifs", as fun, interesting, and instructive in their contemplation and play though they may be: we must ultimately deal with THIS universe and not another for there is no other. And the one includes the thinking and talking about the universe and includes YOU and all who think and talk.

6) Any realistic contemplation of the universe by the very statement entails a sentience to contemplate such a thing: it is in fact THE one characteristic of the universe as universe that I can guarantee is real and provable: sentience. This holds for any phantasmal speculation as well. YOU reading this is such proof.

7) Therefore, any speculation about the universe entails that the universe has sentience.

Any “What If there is no intelligence in the universe” is thereby a nonsense from the first by immediately being self contradictory. Any “What If intelligence ceases to be” as a possible scenario for the ultimate or fundamental end-reality of that which is in the universe is similar. For if there is no sentience there then is no “what if [anything]”. It is what might be called a brutal fact that “I” entails “I am”. To even think absurdly about the world just shows that there is a thinking entity. No monkey and no bug can say “I” and for monkey and for bug there is no reality and no sentience and no thought and for such creatures there is nothing there. If no such world-fate can be shown it is as if there is no such thing.

I understand the idea people speak about of a dead-end-world such that maybe it really is the fate of the world to end in a blah of inactive stuff and the end of all causes having generated an end of all reactions to yield an all used up energy state of dead with no there anywhere anymore forevermore, amen, and all that such that there is no you, me, nor any I left nor possible. Well, then, “DUH!” to you too.

If anyone shows that such is the fate of sentience then I and no one else could have anything to say. Since nothing is so shown then what I have said stands loud and clear.

If there is an alternate universe or even one other than the one I write about that we cannot know about then that is as real as anything else non-existent, and there is no there for that there for real.