24 May 2008

I shall stick with my god and ignore all the rest.

“The universe having a past before any of us being born is not evidence of anything but us as the creator because the past did not exist until there was an 'us' to know of it.” But …

It is known that we can know of a past before ourselves and we did not physically create that past as we create cars. What is insisted on is an “objective” physical reality without human existence. OH! Is that all? A universe first and THEN we came out of it somehow? There “must” have been a brain around to “know” of the universe back then is what is argued. But a brainless universe before human brains came? Either we are the brains or not. IF before us there were not any brains then simply there were not any brains. IF there was at least one brain then there was. A useless tautology. DUH! “IF” is not the beginning of a rational argument. “WHY is it being asked” or “WHAT is the problem such that the question is being asked” IS part of a rational argument. If the brain is there go get some of it. If it ain’t there there’s no use in looking for it. Is there a need for a brain for the existence of anything? If it is knowledge sought then the use of a brain might be useful, your own for example. If not then no brain is necessary and thus as I have stated irrelevant. If no brain is necessary then it is irrelevant to argue for one. If no brains came before ours and nevertheless we have ours from that brainlessness then it is obvious that it does not and did not require brains for the existence of the world. If the world exists then it has a “necessary being” otherwise it does not exist does it? But it does and so do we! Gasp and surprise. If there is no reason for some assumption there is not a reason to make it. If the universe is considered to have been made from the universe making factory it should be findable so let someone go find it.

If god is not part of the universe then we cannot know of god. If god is part of the universe then any thing we know of the universe IS knowing something of god or something we know of the universe IS of god or maybe sometime we shall overcome and come to know some part of god or all of god as we come to know more of the universe of which we are a part. If god is not part of the universe then there is no way to know of god no matter what we do.

The books and literature of humankind that are written about god are humankind made and I trust none of them and I shall let the writers go out and do some looking and some digging and some actual finding and get some god. God did not create the “god problem”. God did not create ANY of OUR problems. God cannot be blamed. Meanwhile I shall stick with my god and ignore all the rest.


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