07 June 2008

If the universe is required to have a creator

If the universe is required to have a creator it is we ourselves for there is no universe unless we ourselves experience it and we ourselves experience ourselves living as a part of it and come to know that. If we are not then there is no universe for there is no knowing it nor knowing anything. If any universe-creator exists within the universe then any universe-creator will of necessity be known as we come to know the world we are a part of. If any universe-creator does not exist within the universe then there can be no knowledge of any universe-creator and there is nothing to say about the unknown and the unknowable except that the unknowable is never to be known and the unknown is already unknown. Arguments to the contrary are necessarily arguments and are not knowledge. Arguments for or arguments against the existence of that which is unknown and, or, or unknowable yield no knowledge.

Belief, opinion, point of view, argument, faith, assumption, and conjecture: none of these are knowledge.

There is the assertion that there was that which predated our human presence in the universe and that that makes us as the creators of the ALL an impossibility. There is further the assertion that since we came of non-knowing materials, such as carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, to name an atomic three, or from non-knowing living entities, such as microbes, animals in general, and some pre-human or simply definitely non-human living material, that therefore we are not our own creators and not the creators of the universe, and that there is “something else” “somehow” “involved” in the creation of humankind and the creation of the universe and not human kind at all.

Even the theologians of the so called dark ages knew better than to give an “intelligent design” “answer” to the existence of the universe, life, or human life. I INSIST THAT IT REQUIRES HONESTY. Honest people know what honesty is and work to be aware of their ignorance and know the limits to their knowledge. Since god was assumed to have created the universe, god then of course created life in all its forms, including, if there is a question, human life. Either version in the Christian book of genesis will do. NO further inquiry is required. Honest theologians even of the so-called dark ages knew the difference between knowledge and belief and faith. God did not “cause” the universe. God CREATED cause and intelligence as god created the ALL, which includes “causes” and "intelligence". Only in human terms is god a “cause”. Since god is not a measly human, ascribing human intelligence and other mere human qualities to god is absurd and done only because we pathetic earthlings are so limited. Honest people know they are being anthropomorphic and know better and that they cannot know god.

Honest people will admit that creationism and intelligent design would be defining the universe in terms of human written versions of creation and of god, to the belief in those writings, and to the faith in the authority, backed by the sword, and that such can yield no answer to any honest question.

The “moments of existence” of human life is yet to be discovered. It is not an answer to say “god did it”. That is a dishonest answer for it assumes that it is an answer and it is not. It is dishonest for it gives no detail as to the how. If the human written version in the Christian books of genesis, or any other, is accepted as a sufficient answer, then, though accepting this as an answer would be dishonest, that is all the acceptor needs and there is nothing more for them to say: they believe and have stopped asking. Such an acceptance is dishonest because it assumes belief is knowledge. Most believers are dishonest for that reason. If this describes any reader as mendacious, if the shoe fits, maybe such a dishonest reader can wear the mendacity shoe.

The universe has the intelligent design only if there are human beings. For humans have the mind to know design. Humans are the intelligence in the universe. There was no intelligent anything before intelligence came to be. As far as we earthlings are aware there is no other intelligence than we ourselves: and none more is required than we ourselves for there to be the “proof” of intelligence: and if there is more, then any of that “more” have their “earth” to deal with, and we two or more have yet to know more than the selves we know.

Honest people stop “iffing” around and get on with living.