04 April 2008

I Am Not What Made Me

At least some anti-evolutionists insist that the world began 3500 or some “written” number of years ago and maybe even tyrannosaurus and brontosaurus dinosaurs walked up the plank into Noah’s ark. Since their minds are made up they have stopped thinking. They are left with the repetition of old notions which end in quarrels, fist fights, and murder. The anti-evolutionists would kill others they do not like and end their creation. The anti-abortionists would kill anyone who disagreed with them and abort them. Typical humans.

As a bunch of biological warm blooded not so furry bodies we human beings are predatory, nasty, vicious, violent, raging, biting, scratching, and rip-it-apart creatures. We are killers.

Are we “mutants of” or “evolved from”? Honestly, I do not care. I do not care if we as a biological reality “came from” some goo out of the ice.

I do not care who my parents were. I am and that is the hard basic fact of life. And after a certain “point” in my life I took charge and moved on, creating and re-creating my self using what was available. I decided to stop the worry about people who were not “there” or “not there for me”. I do not bother about any of that anymore. BOO! Here I am. Get on with it!

I have little choice: to accusations of being a “freak” I shoo off them who so accuse and move on, fight them off if they bother me, go on making my life, and continue to live.

If WE, as bio-entities, “came from” mindless apes, muddy gravel, green sea weed, dinosaur poo, or whatever, what and why should I even care?

I fail to understand the concerns of creationists and pro-lifers. They were created and they are alive and no one is threatening them.

Simply put: I am here and grow and this demonstrates my necessary being. This happens by any means necessary. If I am a mutation of a life form or an evolution into this, a new or a different life form, what do I care? If I am an accident of nature or a freak of nature I am still as a matter of fact alive and here. I give no thanks to the “them” and none to the “that” which, however necessary they were to my being, are not me.

I am not that which made me.

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