01 April 2008

“God Created A Universe Of Mystery.”

“God did not create a universe of limitations.” The very problem asserted by Cantor of infinite numbers was the false infinity of mere extension. Cantor insisted that the real world requires particular principles of infinity creation not endless mindless infinity creation. Cantor insisted that the creation of principles of infinity is the infinity encompassing all infinities, not the endless “infinity if infinities”. God is not infinite nor an infinity. God is the creator of infinities. Infinities in motion or the principle of infinities in action: Action, Motion, Creation, Creativity, Infinity.

“God created a creative universe.” We are a part of the universe. We are a thinking part of the universe. We are a part of the universe that thinks. The universe has a mind of its own including yours at the very least. We are the mind of the universe and we are the universe looking at itself and changing itself. The universe is a creating universe not a collection of “things”. We are things that create things and not a mere collection of biologic parts.

“We will always create the new and re-create the old as we find ourselves able and willing. Forever. That is the reality for humanity.”

We will never know even collectively everything because the universe is forever not “finished”. We shall never be finished with creating and re-creating our world. We shall always and forever be confronted with the new and the unknown. There will always and forever be the permuted new and the unknown. This is our World without End. Amen. Amen.

“God created a universe of mystery.” The universe is neither finite nor infinite. It is a false issue.

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