04 September 2008

The Love of God

Why love something that only exists in the mind?

Where else would love be? Of necessity: love is in the mind and what is loved is figured to be somewhere else even if it is an idea or notion only in the mind. God, being a social thing, does exist elsewhere than one’s mind: it is in others’ minds.

I used to ask “Who created god if god created everything else?” because I figured, as many do, that everything needs a separate creator. So I just dumped the god and was left with everything as a given just as god was a given.

Since people insisted there be a creator of everything I figured that the universe would work very nicely as its own creator. Since it encompasses time and space it does not exist in time and does not exist in space. Therefore it has neither a beginning nor an end in time. Nor does it have any measurable spatial boundary to allow any measurement to be made of it. Since it encompasses all finites and infinities it is neither infinite nor finite. It is therefore as non commensurable as god.

No one was satisfied. So I said that the universe impregnates itself and gives birth to itself anew. I said that it is the creator of everything including itself. I said that it does this as often and whenever it simply does. It is its own big bang. And it is its own self progenitor forever and ever. And I said “amen”.

I love god. I do not believe a word of any of it. And I would rather not pay for any of it. It is a real question. But most people want answers that are not requisite of actual work. They would rather kill you than think. They would rather fight mindlessly, even if they might fight well and bravely, and would rather then die than think. Most intellectuals are cud lipped cattle and want intellectual shepherds to tell them what to do.

My religion is just as important and at least as real as yours. So all you human holier than thou self righteous intellectual lightning bolts: F. U. !!! Come on!!!

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