01 June 2008

God gave us the freedom to choose, fail or succeed.

God gave us the mind to learn, figure, re-figure, and hypothesize, and come to know. God gave us a physical ability to try, retry, experiment, build, rebuild, and change, to improvise, adapt, and overcome. God gave us a universe to play in, play with, live in, change, re-change, alter, re-alter, and learn from, to adapt to, to improvise meanwhile we overcome its limits on us by changing or changing it. And if we live and die short miserable little lives, well, it is not any fault. It would be reality. It is life and life is what the WE, humanity, makes of it. If we all die out on the earth there are always more where we came from for the world is full of life.

And people insist on a heaven!? And a soul!? And miracles!? And divine interventions!? And an after life!? And a new life after all that!? Such [selfish] creatures do not deserve more that what they have. Humanity shall never get more than what humanity itself creates. It is all there for us. It is all there need be. Anything else is presumptuous and fantasy.

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