31 March 2008

The “Big Bang Theory”

This was part of a horrible quarrel amongst some “friends”. I hesitate to suggest that I do not believe they were friends of mine.

As a result of the quarreling, I asked them two questions.

Can we assign “time” to the universe and its “creation”?

Can we assign a “creation” to the “all” at all?

I suggested that there was a religious reply to this sort of question that even the most middle minded medieval monks were aware of.

+Since god created time and space and the universe that this obviates the question of time relating to the “when” of creation.

+Of necessity, the universe itself is neither subject to time nor space for both time and space are OF the universe and the universe may subsume time and space but is neither in time nor in space itself.

+To say the universe must have a “time” to “start” assumes that the universe is in time.

+Since god created the universe, the universe includes time but is not itself governed by any time.

+To assume that there was a creation of the creator or a creator of god assumes that the creator exists in time such that there would be a time for the creation of god.

+If god exists “outside” or “beyond” time and space then of necessity there can be no time for the creation of god.

+This obviates the question about the creation of god by anything at any time.

+There was no time before god created it and therefore no “before” god and therefore no creation of god (such as by another “thing” before god).

+The universe which subsumes time and space is not itself timed nor spaced.
I suggested that the universe is maybe spaced out and is always out of time.

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